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Antenna Pannello Kathrein VHF In 7/16" Banda "III"-DAB

Directional Antenna 174 – 230 MHz
K 52 30 57, K 52 30 51
  • Broadband directional antenna of hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • Especially suitable for square and round masts.
Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel.
Weather protection: Fiberglass.
Mounting: By means of the pair of hot-dip galvanized
steel clamps:
K 61 12 0 to pipes of 60 – 115 mm Ø
K 61 13 0 to pipes of 115 – 210 mm Ø
(please order separately).
Mounting dimensions upon request.
Ice protection: Even under severe icy conditions the antenna is still functional due to its heavy-duty construction and the fiberglass covers for the feeding points.
Grounding: Via mounting parts.
Combinations: The antenna is especially suitable as a component in arrays to achieve various radiation patterns. Particularly for square and round masts.
Scope of supply: Antenna without mounting clamps.
Codice Prodotto: K 52 30 57