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Certification of Quality

Telsat has obtained certification for its quality management system long ago.
Indeed, since 2007 TELSAT Srl has been certified as compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards for the purpose specified below (Activity Code EA:28).
You can download the certificate clicking on the image below.
Certificate N. 2019/84109.1 EA28 and N. 2019/84678.2 EA29

Purpose of certification

Design, engineering, assembly, installation and testing of autonomous and integrated telecommunication systems, antenna systems and transmission systems. Distribution of telecommunication products for radio transmission, television, radio links and satellite systems.
Quality Management System conforming to ISO 9001:2015 assessed in accordance with the provision of SINCERT Technical Regulations RT-05 in relation to system design, installation and testing activities.
The present certification is intended to refer to the operational aspects of the company as a whole and can be used to quality construction companies pursuant to Article 8 of Italian Law N. 109 dated 11 February 1994 and subsequent modifications and of DPR n. 34 of 25 January 2000 (EA28).
Certification for P.A.
In order to manage the Public Contracts TELSAT obtained in 2011, the SOA Certification.
The SOA Certification is mandatory to attend to the tenders for the Public Service.
This document is necessary and required to prove, in the tender, the Company capability to execute, directly or as subcontractors, public Service for bid amount exceeding 150,000.00
This document certifies and guarantees the Telsat possession of all the requirements based on the Public Contracts rules.
You can download the Certificate in PDF format clicking on the image below (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader XI or newer).
The SOA Certification is also directly downloadable from the ANAC website:
UE Exam Certification for marKoni FM Transmitters
Our marKoni series FM Transmitters meet also the RED Certification required by ANNEX III - MODULE B of the 2014/53/EU Directive.
Click below to download the certification in PDF format.
Telsat ISO 9001 : 2015
SOA Certificate for Italian P.A.
Markoni FM Broadcasting RED Certification